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Italian Government: Prime Minister Conte resigns

23 Aug

Grazi, Gabriele, but am absolutely “flat out” and have to get up at 4am to keep up with my mail, let alone follow other blogs.
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Gabriele ROMANO 📎 bLOG


During the meeting held in the Senate Giuseppe Conte harshly criticized Matteo Salvini in his speech and announced his resignation after his speech.

Matteo Salvini, deputy premier and interior minister, responded during his speech that he has no regrets about everything he did in the 14 months of the yellow-green government.

During the last few months, however, something has broken and the agreement with the Lega (Salvini) and  M5S (Luigi Di Maio) has not worked anymore.

However, each party accuses the other of treason the irrefutable truth is that of Matteo Salvini and the league wanted to create the crisis to go to the elections because the polls give it to almost 40% when instead at the beginning of the legislature it arrived with difficulty at 20%.

The construction of the TAV (high speed train) that could connect Italy (Piedmont) with France (Lyon) has been repeatedly rejected by the five-star…

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A Country Of The Dead

14 Aug

Sharmaji's Solutions

Let’s Talk About India. Why ? Because It Exists, Nothing Else. There’s Nothing To Talk About Except That It’s Here.

I Was Reading A News About a Person Killed In The National Capital While Protesting Against Eve Teasing Of His Daughter,His Son Was also Badly Injured. Even Women Were There Who are Helping His Murderer .That’s Shockingly True.

But As an Born Indian It’s Nothing New For Me. It’s Like Daily Routine Stuff,You Know. We Have Seen Seven Years Old Girls Gang Raped,Even Seven Months Old Infants Being Raped. Therefore It’s Nothing Special For Me .I am Use To It.

India Is Prospering. It Is The Fastest Growing Economy In The World & It’s Really Hard Hitting To Say But It’s True That We All Are Dead.

We Are Dead Because We Are Deaf & Dumb Infact We are Impotent For That Matter.Long Ago India Was a Land Of Brave…

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Banking Bad – the journalist who sparked a Royal Commission

8 Aug

The writing journey began with writing articles for financial institutions, which were turned into books (Google ‘from riches to rags’)


Journalist Adele Ferguson helped to expose the shocking practices of the big four banks in Australia, the parent companies to the big four banks here, well as the insurer AMP. Her articles helped prompt a Royal Commission into the banking sector and her book Banking Bad is out this week. We’re taking a look at the corrupt and questionable practices the banks adopted to sell their products and the toll that has taken.from



Also see

Shared by a former “money man”… but now a “lack of money man”

what’s the difference between a writer and a family pizza?
The pizza can feed a family of four!


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Sharsies shaking up investment

3 Aug

Two weeks in Trump’s America

2 Aug



Simon Wilson: Chicago to New York and back – two weeks in Trump’s …

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Perform under Pressure (by Dr Ceri Evans)

30 Jul


Dr Ceri Evans: How to perform at your peak under pressure

Dr Ceri Evans’ successful model to enable people to perform under extreme pressure has led to him being sought after by a variety of professions all over the world. Most notably he’s helped the All Blacks but his clients range from doctors to lawyers to executive teams and both professional and amateur sportspeople. He’s also published his book explaining the techniques he’s developed called, Perform Under Pressure.

In a “nutshell”…

I don’t over-analyse. So …

Get in the Zone and just DO it!

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My dad wrote a ‘porno’!

28 Jul


dad porno

Jamie Morton on his dad, who has a penchant for writing terrible erotic fiction that has kept the world laughing for a few years now

 Jamie Morton – My Dad Wrote a Porno

Alice Levine, Jamie Morton and James Cooper

Alice Levine, Jamie Morton and James Cooper Photo: My Dad Wrote a Porno

Jamie Morton was horrified to discover his father had written very explicit and very bad erotic fiction under the nom-de -porn Rocky Flintstone.

He enlisted his friends – James Cooper and Radio 1 host Alice Levine – to help read it aloud, creating the massively successful My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast.

The podcast is now one of the most successful ever made, with over 180 million downloads, and will tour New Zealand as a live show in 2010, details here.



for my boys (who I embarass enough as it is!)

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