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Why don’t we care about Christians in the Middle East?

28 Apr


“Do we want to be the generation that stood by as Christians disappeared almost entirely from the ancient homelands they have occupied since the days of the New Testament?” – so asked Peter Feavor and Will Inboden in last September’s issue of Foreign Policy magazine. They were Americans addressing a largely American audience. In Britain, however, I’m not so sure we care.

In April 2016, the British Parliament unanimously declared that what ISIS had been doing to Christian and Yazidi minorities in Iraq and Syria should be counted as “genocide”. But what interest has come of it, what action, what policy initiative? Nothing that I can think of.


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Head/Brain Injury and Dysphasia (or Aphasia)

27 Apr

"An Ordinary Person, One Extraordinary Life"

Head/Brain Injury and Dysphasia (or Aphasia) | Sharing some …

[PDF]A Brie f Look a t the Strok e Founda tion o f Ne w Ze aland Inc. 1979 .

from a Google search (thanks for rescuing me from “sheer utter chaos”, Big G!

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NUrse character

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Thousands ‘Like’ Exceptional SAPS Officer Vincent from OR Tambo Airport

24 Apr

Interview: Cyril Ramaphosa on how to fix South Africa

23 Apr


‘Something was wrong, horribly wrong,’ says the country’s president of the Zuma era. Now he must restore faith in the African powerhouse and its politics

SA flag

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Russian reporter dies after balcony fall

20 Apr

‘It could have been fatal’ Auckland Mayor Phil Goff on surviving a heart attack

19 Apr

“I’ve already been to hell!”

19 Apr

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI

Tests revealed something was wrong. Scary words filled a report with my name on it: Memory, low average. Executive functioning, low average. Verbal fluency, reduced ability. Impairment. Below expectation. Below average.

They were all ways of saying I was brain damaged.

At work, I got taken off the air. The thing I was great at was gone.

“Kim’s work is characterised by misuse of vocabulary, unclear grammar, difficulties with logic and structure, lack of sentence cohesion,” is something mentioned in a later report.

report and picture (below) from


I spent my late 20s and early 30s learning how to talk and write again. It spanned years.

I had tests using what looked like children’s picture books, and failed.

One of the puzzles Kim Baker Wilson was given while re-learning to speak and write.

I had to learn to say 10 vegetables, or 10 things starting with…

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