Fearful rulers suppress dissent

16 Sep

Unsung Heroes: People Shining a Light in a Sometimes Dark World

Fearful rulers suppress dissent
Observer 4:00 AM Saturday Jan 23, 2010

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Paranoia lies behind China’s brutal treatment of dissidents, writes Peter Beaumont

There is an expression in China: “Kill the chicken before the monkey.”
Target the weak and vulnerable, it means, to frighten the strong and many.
Last week, it was the turn of writer Zhao Shiying, secretary-general of the Independent Chinese Pen Centre, which campaigns on behalf of imprisoned writers and in favour of free expression.
Zhao was a signatory – along with Liu Xiaobo, a leading dissident jailed for 11 years on Christmas Day – of Charter 08, a document that called for political reform of China’s state institutions.
Police went to his home in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, on January 11 to take him away, along with…

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