new wave of african writers with an internationalist bend

28 Jul

semper aliquid novi africam adferre

Recently a list with the one hundred best novels written in English was published by TIME Magazine. One writer from Africa was on the list: Chinua Achebe. Not even ‘Nobel Prize for Literature’ winners from Africa were on the list (or is Doris Lessing considered to be from Africa?).

But let the two critics who compiled this list be warned. They are coming and they are coming fast and in droves. 

Writers from African, inspired by those who have gone before, by those who have given thought to their place in a fast changing world. The older generation often wrote about the clash between traditional life in Africa and ‘traditional’ life from the west (or is it north?).

The younger generation writes about its place in a wider world.  The white man is no longer coming to Africa, but they are coming to the white man, live in white man’s…

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