How New Zealand saved Michael Crawford’s life: “DROPPED OUT IN ‘GODZONE'”

19 Sep


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Michael Crawford revealed in March of last year that he has been leading a secluded life in a small town on the other side of the world where he is known a

Source: How New Zealand saved Michael Crawford’s life

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Don’t worry about the world ending today…

it’s already tomorrow in scenic and tranquil ‘little’ New Zealand (NZ)

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The Strategy Behind TikTok’s Global Rise

18 Sep
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You’ve probably heard of TikTok

It is one of the most popular apps in the world and downloaded over a billion times. According to analytical reports over 1 billion total downloads and 663 million downloads in 2018 were recorded.

So what is TikTok?

Few tech startups have taken off as quickly as Beijing-based ByteDance, the creator of the highly popular 15-second video app, TikTok. In just two years, TikTok has emerged to rival companies like Netflix, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook with more than one billion downloads in 150 markets worldwide and 75 languages. On the app, homemade videos showcase everything from comedy to lip syncs to dog grooming tips that users create and share on their phones. The scrappy, goofy, fast-moving content has hooked young audiences around the world.

Since little translation is required, TikTok reaches well beyond other successful Chinese apps such as Tencent’s messaging app WeChat, which is…

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Is antisemitism on the rise once again?

17 Sep

I (We) Must Not Hate!

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Chandrayaan-2 & Being an Indian

17 Sep

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Chandrayaan-2, is really a flagship mission of Indian Space Research Organisation. The aim of this mission is to visit South pole of the Moon and explore for the signs of water & life.

Why this is a flagship Mission?

1. No other Nation has landed in the South pole of the Moon
2. Till date, all the information about Moon’s south pole is been collected from other nation’s satellites
3. Till date, only USA, Russia and China have soft-landed Rover on the Moon

Mission is completely owned by India:

Russia and India signed an agreement to work together in which ISRO will develop orbiter and Rover whereas Russia will develop Lander at 2008.

Due to failure a mission to Mars from Russia. Russia failed to develop the lander for India’s Chandrayaan-2.

After discontinuation of support from Russia, Indian great scientists started developing their own lander, so whole country can proudly…

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Saudi oil attacks: what next?

16 Sep


The United States has issued satellite images and cited intelligence to back its allegation Iran was behind attacks on major Saudi oil facilities. Iran denies involvement in Saturday’s air attacks, which were claimed by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen.  Kathryn talks with Barak Barfi – a research fellow at the New America Foundation where he specializes in Arab and Islamic affairs.




God wants to put a smile on your face??

16 Sep


Originally posted on Beyond the Zone: God and The Spiritual Journey: God# wants to put a smile on your face and/or wants YOU to put a smile on God’s * face (“dial”) Infinite Spirit, Ultimate Source, Ground of All Being # You choose the name! ‘Write, create, innovate’

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iSplurge Radio: Reloaded On-Air-Stream

15 Sep

Splurge Media Network

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Since her debut in July, 2017. iSplurgeRadio promised to break online radio listenership barriers through innovation, content and strategy. For the most parts after the launch the station faced unforeseen challenges and had to operate on low key test survey.

Now the station is back, reloaded on the 7th July, 2019 and more vabriant than ever before with a total Listenership across almost 20 platforms with an approximate total Tuned-in statistics of about 3,600-plays across platforms as at 9th September, 2019.

Tune-in and listening @ our 3 major platforms.

📻 iSplurgeRadio 107.7 Live ; ‘We Are Here To Lend Your Voice!”

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