Wait For Me Hollywood

22 Oct

Kiwi star James Rolleston was faced with adversity when his family were told to say goodbye after he was in a horrific car crash.





Nikita’s Has A Malignant Tumour #cancer

22 Oct


It was around this time, October, in 2007 that we first met them. The young mother with the two pigtail daughters, aged six and nine, respectively. Give or take a year, but there they were, the shy one and the extrovert. Nikita is the eldest and the introvert while Keisha is the ever-spontaneous extrovert. The two kids soon take to my wife Karen and I. They had an additional set of (grand)parents now.

One day, their daddy left home but never returned. They found him somewhere, dead. He had suffered a massive stroke. The kids were both broken but Nikita never really recovered. Her smile died with her Daddy.

Karen makes custom jewellery by hand and the two kiddies had a fair share over the past eleven years or so. Once, I went and bought specific miracle beads that I very much liked – and so did they. Karen made…

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Eyes of Exodus

18 Oct

Literary cobbler dies after winning award

14 Oct




“Sharing, supporting, informing,  enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring”

enough there for now, c!

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Day 12.  Helsinki’s Boulevard & The Museum of Journalism 

13 Oct

Love Travelling

Our plan today was to explore Helsinki’s Boulevard which starts from Erottaja in central Helsinki. Strolling along this elegant avenue we admired the beautiful buildings, many of which are now high class shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries. We passed The Old Church and its garden which always seems a popular venue for young people to come, sit on the grass, and spend time with their friends.

The Alexander Theatre

Next, we paused to admire the Alexander Theatre which was constructed in 1879 for Russians living in Helsinki and was known as the Russian Theatre until 1918 when it became the home of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. In 1993 they moved to a new building and since then it has been used for guest stage performances.

The Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Crossing the road, slightly further along we came to the Sinebrychoff Art Museum where we visited the permanent exhibition…

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Swelled Up! Convo with Palesa Mocuminyane

11 Oct

Swelled Up Mzansi Lifestyle!

Palesa Mocuminyane is no stranger to the South African television landscape, her her name and admirable talent is synonymous to some of Mzansi’s major TV productions such as Ashess to Ashes, eKasi: Our Stories, Isibaya, Generations, Gaz’ lam to name but a few. This 40 year old South African actress juggles work and still manages to be an exceptional mother to her three children. Swelled Up! managed to get an exclusive chat with her, at the time when she’s settling into her new job as a news anchor on one of SA’s 24 hour news network, ANN7. According to Mocuminyane working as a news anchor had always been one of her dreams.


Who is Palesa Mocuminyane?

I am a proud mother of three wonderful kids. Bahumi (21) , Khumo (13) , Mohumi (7).  I was born in Soweto, brought up by my grandmother in Diepkloof. When I turned I went…

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1 Oct